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Road Construction Services

To accommodate the standards and specifications required by our municipal, provincial and federal construction partners, H. Wilson Industries provides cement-stabilized subgrade, standard subgrade preparation and various types of base preparation and installation. We are proud of our partnerships and work continuously to ensure that we are providing them with what they need for every contract.

There are five critical steps that must be adhered to in asphalt and concrete road construction including planning, design, earthwork, paving and opening. It also involves ensuring adequate drainage, grading and sloping, excavation, concrete curbs and sidewalks as well to create a smooth, drivable, safe, long lasting surface that can sustain trucks and personal motor vehicles. Before the road can open to motorists it must pass safety, smoothness and often seismology testing to measure road vibrations.

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From large airport runway projects to small parking lots, we provide a superior level of quality and professionalism.

With the extensive experience and a reputation for excellence, we are the best choice for your next project.