A rewarding culture focused on safety and environmental-consciousness.

Environmental Leaders

At H. Wilson Industries, we have the privilege of working in some of the most beautiful and spectacular parts of the world. That is why we embrace our commitment to being an environmental leader in all aspects of our business. We do this through our professionally-trained Environmental team who work alongside our employees for developing, and implementing industry leading environment management programs that drive our culture of environmental excellence.

Safety Leaders

H. Wilson Industries believes in safety excellence, in fact it is our way of life. Everything we do, we do to keep the public, our families, our friends and our employees safe every single day. Because of this we have a culture of proactive workplace health and safety focused on our goal of zero incident performance. With safety leadership existing in all corners and levels of our organization, we proudly lead our industry in innovative and effective processes that encourage a safe, rewarding culture.

A core value for H. Wilson is the safety and health of our workers. This is why we have committed to a safety program of continuous improvement for ensuring that we develop, and maintain effective and proactive policies, programs and procedures for approaching zero incident rates.

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Safety is at the core of everything we do... it is our way of life!

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